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Tatsuo Aoki


Popeye was started as a Western-style izakaya in 1985 by Tatsuo Aoki, the previous owner and founder.
At that time, there was no handling of craft beer,

It was the first time in Japan to handle beer from several companies in one store.

Due to deregulation in 1994, the minimum annual production volume of beer was lowered from 2000kl to 60kl (6kl for low-malt beer), and small-scale brewing and microbrew appeared.

At the same time, Popeye started handling local beer, and expanded to the current 100 taps in 2012.

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​Michael Jackson visit

For us in the beer industry, Michael Jackson, the world-famous beer critic who is like a god, has visited Popeye four times.

A British newspaper introduced "A. GREAT JI-BEER PUB POPEYE".


​Introduced in numerous media


popular tv show


*Tamori Club

November 6, 2009 “Autumn Craft Beer Festival”

October 8, 2010 "Memorial KING OF HOP Michael Jackson"
July 27, 2012 "World Beer Cup"

* "5 o'clock dream Saturday" (MX TV)

July 7th, 2012 “Enjoy world beer at home” Introducing foamless beer



May 26, 2012 ”Craft Beer”


*Style book


*NHK World

November 16, 2011

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