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​ Introducing Popeye's commitment

Our Beer

Beer introduction of "Ryogoku Beer Research Institute", a factory directly managed by Beer Club Popeye.
An original beer that makes full use of the knowledge and experience of beer for a quarter of a century.
It's never flashy ~ you can drink as many cups as you like! Please enjoy the beer brewed with the concept of ~, sticking to all the yeast and water techniques.
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Ryogoku Yell

In the 1980s, we took the world by storm in the American craft beer industry, and created the concept of a traditional style pale ale that became the foundation of today's craft beer. A well-balanced pale ale with just the right amount of hops on top of a firm malt base.


Alc. 4.5% // IBUs 20 SRM 5

​Ryogoku IPA


Alc. 7% // IBUs 70 SRM6

uptight bitter

A full-fledged ordinary bitter that is rare in Japanese breweries . Low alcohol content. The name is bitter, but the bitterness of hops is less and the taste is malty and mellow.


Alc. 3.8% // IBUs 20  SRM 5

Cape Cod Fog NEIPA

A trendy cloudy IPA with a fresh hop scent like tropical fruits and a soft and smooth mouthfeel.


Alc. 7.5% // IBUs 35  SRM 3

Yokozuna American Stout

A stout with a roasted aroma reminiscent of chocolate and coffee. It has a slightly thick consistency and is perfect for when you want to drink slowly.


Alc. 6.5% // IBUs 40 SRM183

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