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100Beers on Tap

​ ~ Popeye's commitment ~

​ ``You can't get good beer just by connecting the barrels that arrived! ! I was often yelled at by the previous master.

That's right. The craft beer we handle cannot be served in a delicious state even if the barrels received from the brewery are connected as they are.

​ At Popeye, our dedicated cellars manage the beer thoroughly every day to provide beer in the most delicious condition.

​ Introducing Popeye's commitment.


"For delicious beer! Let's wash with water every day! ', but at Popeye, we don't run water through all the beer hoses every day. This is because attaching and detaching the beer head leads to deterioration of the beer. Popeye's beer is in the cellar with the hose. Both barrels and hoses are preserved in the same condition. So, daily management is just flushing water from the tap side after business. This is to wash away the beer adhering to the TAP and keep it clean.



Clean TAPs and beer hoses regularly. Pass the chemical through the beer hose to disassemble and clean the TAP. Of course, after washing away the chemicals, the water is thoroughly flushed, and an experienced seller drinks the water at the end to make sure that there are no residual chemicals, so don't worry.

​gas pressure

​~stable gas~

Popeye has 100 taps, but we don't connect beer to all taps. This is because it creates a "stable gas" that does not move once the regulator is set. Each beer has a delicious amount of gas. By pushing out the beer with the pressure that matches the amount of gas, the beer can be poured in a delicious state.

If you change the set gas pressure every time you change the beer, it will not be possible to maintain a stable gas pressure. We are making it possible to select the tap of the gas pressure that can be provided.


​gas pressure

​~Gas pressure adjustment~

"​ Popeye's beer has no bubbles"

When the previous master started beer, it seems that beer without bubbles was very shocking, and at that time, it seems that he often said this.

Popeye's beer isn't frothless, it's actually frothless to pour. This is because the amount of gas contained in the beer and the gas pressure that pushes the beer are properly adjusted, so unintended bubbles are not produced. You can make as much foam as you want, but depending on the beer style, you don't dare.

Ale beer, which is characterized by hops, will foam (foam)

The astringency becomes stronger, and the aftertaste all comes together.

So Popeye, which handles a lot of ale beer, has a majority of beer without bubbles.

​ All of this is due to proper gas pressure adjustment.

​ barrel condition

A beer hose tangled like spaghetti.

Only the cellarman knows where each one is connected.

Another important task of the cellarman is to adjust the condition of the barrels.

Keep the turbidity of wheat-based beer the same every day.

​Beer that should not be cloudy is never moved, and the cellarman controls the state of the beer barrels one by one so that the barrels are in the most delicious state. ​


​glass selection

The joy of craft beer lies in its wide variety of flavors.

​A variety of glasses hanging from the counter ceiling are there to bring out the best in them.

At Popeye, each beer is tasted and selected from the glass in which it tastes the best.

​In this way, Popeye works every day to ensure that customers can enjoy beer in the best possible condition.

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