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​月~金 15:00~23:30 (Food L.o)22:30 (Drink L.o23:.00)
​土・祝 14:00~23:30 (Food L.o)22:30 (Drink L.o23:.00)
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Click here for Popeye's 70TAP beer! ​I wonder what is connected today! ?

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​There is also a monthly special menu!

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Our shop is a beer pub that always offers more than 70 types of craft beer in barrels.
Our "cellarman" staff, who specialize in beer handling, grasp the condition of each barrel and provide the best condition beer by tuning it to maximize the potential of the beer!
Of course, we clean the server, but we also provide the beer in the most delicious way to drink, such as the amount and strength of the beer's carbon dioxide gas, the cloudiness of the beer, the shape of the glass, and the temperature!

100Beers on Tap

​About Popeye's server

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