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​Beer Club Popeye

​Beer Club POPEYE




2-18-7, Ryogoku, Sumida Ku, Tokyo To, 130-0026, Japan

130-0026​ 2-18-7 Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

Date of Birth:

business hours

Lunch 11:00-14:30
PUB 15:00〜23:00

(Food Lo 22:30  Drink Lo 22:45)

Regular holiday Sunday








・March 15, 2003

・November 2006

・November 2007

・April 2008

・February 2012

・June 2012

・February 2017

・June 2020

Started as an izakaya.

Introduced the nation's first Echigo beer (three taps)

Expanded to 8 taps. Start of “a shop where you can drink local beer from all over the country”.

Expanded to 20 taps.

Introduced real ale and added hand pumps

Installed a cellar (refrigerator) and increased TAP to 40.

Held the 1st Real Ale Festival in Popeye.

A cellar dedicated to casks is installed. Provided with Gravity TAP.

Founder: Introduced hop back (hop heart) devised by Aoki.

Increased the number of taps to 70.

Add 100 taps and work on beer with a thorough and stable gas.

Founder: Over 20 stores nationwide consulted by Aoki.

​Appointed Hirotaka Kido as the second representative director

"Ryogoku Beer Research Institute" opens in Kamezawa, Sumida Ward

​ Company Profile

​Trade name

​Shimpo Kikaku Co., Ltd.

​Head office location

​2-18-7 Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

​Head office location

​May 31, 1985


​5 million yen


​Representative Director Hirotaka Kido

​Business description

①Management of pubs and restaurants ②Manufacturing and sales of food and beverage business machines ③Rental of goods related to restaurant management
​④Manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages

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